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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Carpet woes...

 With all the rain last week this is what's happened to my carpeting. Eewww.  I scrub them with my favorite, vinegar, and they all come back with a vengance anyway. I am spending hard earned savings, earmarked for NEW flooring, on professional cleaning this Sat. The owner of the company swears he can fix this. Uhh huhh. I know I've posted rants about this creepy floor before but it daily makes me nutso. I have babies on the carpet and I cringe when their parents come in.  My silent mantra is.."Please don't look down, please don't look down". These aren't new stains from dogs with bad manners. They are old once removed and were all gone stains from kids, spills and Sally being Sally stains. arrrgggg. 

When we get rich and famous I want porcelin (SP?) tile throughout all but the living room and bedrooms. Then my only battles will be with killer dust bunnies. 

Take da bunny out back n let 'im have it.

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