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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sally May

What a character this girl is! Our son adopted her for his birthday present to himself. Then he moved to Indy to share a place with his brother and sister and there's no room for poor lil Sal. So we have her till the daughter unit moves home in November (can't wait to get my girl back home!)and the boys can share Sally duty.

Sally had a rough first half of her life. She was a breeder at a puppy mill. She lived 24/7 in a small cage. Subsequently she never learned any indoor manners. So, after trying and trying she must stay in the laundry room. Its right in the middle of all our action here so she's not alone, just safe on a scrubbable floor! In spite of her limited socialization she's overcome it all and is good with everybody and every critter. When she first moved in she tried to be the boss but that took too much effort and now she just sniffs a hello and goes back to sleep. She's just excellent with my babies I watch too. My 2 year old holds her face, scrubs nose to nose and murmurs, "Oh Sahdee". Darling Sally snuffles her love right back in her face. sigh. And speaking of her going back to sleep, the old girl snores like a freight train. LOL

We have kittens in the garage and when one attacks her, Sally puts on her tolerant Mom face, pushes it out of her way with the smooshed face and walks on. The dog's a champ.

And she's deaf as a post. Also a drawback in trying to teach her house type manners. Because she can't hear you call her, taking her out to do her stuff where she's supposed to is quite an adventure. She's never had a collar or been leash trained. I put her on a retractable soft cloth leash, let her out the door and let the door hold the handle of the leash. She wouldn't 'run' off, as she won't run, but she will slowly amble away. She gets herself stuck on the back steps as she hasn't figured out that if she sits in front of the screen it can't open without knocking her off on her kiester. She'll bark, more of a "doof" and sit there while you try to pry the door open and her back out of the way. I've been working with her to learn the technique for about 2 months now and she just can't grasp the concept. She's so surprised when the door opens into her. AGAIN.

When I get rich and famous and have a place to keep all the dogs I want, I'll get my very own English Bulldog. I can just imagine how great it is to have one as a puppy. All that extra skin and MAYBE just maybe a little more energy.Maybe. She's a hoot.

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