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Thursday, January 7, 2010

OH, The weather outside is frightful.

Here's how it looks outside my back door today.

Here's how that first picture makes me feel.

Here's how I WISH it looked out my back door.

Here's how THAT pic makes me feel.

So I'll just pout.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Weigh (WAY) In

 I know. I know.
I already posted that I was up a pound on Saturday.

I had a severe case of the Holidays-all-mixed-up-about-what-day-it-is's.

But it's all good. It gave me another 2 days to SNAP OUT OF IT! and get back to healthy thinking.

So the result was...the extra 1# left again.

Holding steady at @ 2 pounds down. Pretty good for Fat Food Week. Now I have to hold it steady during Family Vacation in French Lick. Oy. It's usually a week of 5 squares a day.

I'm up to the challenge. Maybe I'll take THE Green Jacket with me. Maybe hang it in the hallway by the kitchen. Brilliant idea, Your Majesty! Thankyou, Buffness!

Her Majesty's Darlingest sister is going to be along (and their skinny Mom and maybe even a surprise chicken kinda guest) and we're cooking up a self and sister healthy challenge. More on that next week when I weigh-in. Onward!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Slow and steady wins the race.....


I'm back UP 1# on the scale today.

I'm not really surprised. Not really too disappointed either. 
Why did I start this challenge the week before the Christmas food hits the table? ! ! ?

I didn't choose. It chose me...
My FAT pants didn't fit!! 

I had to start somewhere. And if I hadn't started then I would've been even wider by the time the cookie fest is over. Although MY cookie fest is over. In the freezer! Where the fat pants are hanging. 

I have another don't eat the 10# of fudge challenge starting this Friday...Family Vacation. 

Every year my darlingestparents give my sister's family and my family each a week at any of their time shares. We've chosen to go to French Lick, IN every year now for about 10 years. We could choose Mexico....

or North Carolina or the mountains of TN or Florida....

But we love French Lick.
The deer come right up to our unit 

We eat cookies and read good books.

We hang at the pool and look stunning in our designer towels.

We NEVER wear makeup. 

All our kids play nice. 

We are party animals.

I'm so excited!! My goal is to swim. Work at their gym. Sleep whenever I want. Laugh way too much. Whoop my sister and mother and friend at cards. Make good food for everyone. And then to laugh some more!!