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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

Is this a beautiful sunrise, or what?! This is my favorite time of year! The sunrises and sunsets are spectacular. The air is clear. The barometric pressure is low (I think that helps with my brain doo-dads). And the temps are perfect, perfect! And when the leaves start changing, just a couple of weeks, I will be even more thankful we moved to beautiful southern Indiana. It's the best kept secret in America!

On the garden front-all done! Grumpy/crazy uncle picked and cleaned up the beans last week. Most of them were dry enough for storage but there were a few we had to sit in the sun and the dehydrator. These are cranberry beans and black beans. I see black bean burritos in our future... I do want to get some apples and can/freeze them and make some pies. I've got a killer apple crumb pie recipe. And Grumpy loves my applesauce.

On the critter front-Our Mama kitty just quietly wandered off to leave this earth 2 weeks ago. I knew she wasn't going to be here much longer the night before she disappeared. When I looked in her eyes she just wasn't in there anymore. She was a loyal friend and true. We got 3 kittens, named #1, #2 and #3, to guard the garage and barn. They are precious. Sadly #2 passed away 2 nights ago. They all have roundworms but were just too young to worm yet. #2 kept getting thinner and thinner so I figured if I didn't do something we'd lose her no matter what. Poor little thing was just to sick to handle the harsh meds. #1 and #3 act healthy and hardy and funny as only kittens can be! The pic is #1 in a brake lite housing from youngest son's motorcycle. 3 days ago the Poultry Massacre of 09 occured. Eldest son was home to help out with chores and when he went to feed the chickens he discovered a bloody mess. Something got all but 2 of our kids and also spared the guineas. And earlier this month we lost the rooster. Truth be told his loss didn't upset me all that much as he was one MEEEEAN fella. I always had to arm myself before feeding. Ingrate.

As for our Prepping-we've had to slow down purchasing supplies because of $cash$ flow issues. Oh well, life marches on with or without moola. We went on a WONDERFUL date last night. We drove to Bloomington and saw the 70th Anniversary release of The Wizard of Oz. It was sooo fun! It's my tied for first place favorite movie. Gone with the Wind is the other. This release was done in Hi-Def and I was pleasantly surprised to see there really is a difference. Such detail! The Munchkin costumes were very clearly beautifully intricate. I spotted so many little things I'd never seen before. Cool things like the witch has curly hair tucked in a spooky big pointed bun. EEewww. We were going to go out to eat afterwards but we messed up and spent our cash on gold popcorn. It must have been cooked in liquid gold as it and drinks cost more than I spend on new cars.

In the cooking dept-I've flubbed more loaves of W/W bread lately than ever. sigh. My cousin was on Rachel Ray yesterday! He is a exotic animal handler and breeder. That was fun, but the tie in to this is that I also got recipes for today's meals. lol. Que Pasta (mexican spagetti) and Armadillo potatos (stuffed baked potatos). How fun is that?

Nuff said for today. Think I'll go change a baby's poopie pants. Livin' the dream...

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