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Monday, December 28, 2009

First Weigh-In

Drum roll please.....

Down 2 pounds!!!

Amazing! Astounding! CARRAAAZZY! Almost impossible.

I did great all week till yesterday. Whu? Hu?  Not on Christmas Eve? Day? While baking my favorite cookies? While pouring my darling, wonderful, scrumptious dark chocolate fudge into the pan??  Nope. I did excellent those days. It was yesterday. Too much of that stuff was sitting out, calling my name, singing the siren song of fat. I need a plan....

The freezer! Yup. It's all going in the freezer. OUTSIDE in the cold and dank garage. So if I am going to mess up I first have to put on a coat, gloves and hat. Then defrost the evil demon sugar. Chances are likely I won't get that far. I need to hang the fat jeans that don't fit on the freezer handle. Yeah! That's the ticket!! Or -insert lovely heaven-ish music here- my green jacket!!!

Oh, the jacket.  The sweet jacket that may be totally too hot to wear by the time I can get in it. Doesn't matter...I'll wear it 4th of July if I can.

2 lbs gone. 

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Spend Christmas Eve LAUGHING

I have the day off! In fact, I have till Monday off! But my inside alarm clock woke me at 6 anyway. What's a girl to do?  I know, LAUGH!!

I'm sitting at the computer with my coffee, it's still HOT-thankyou Aunt Leann!!, and I hear a bump, scratch, thump come from the laundry room where sweet Sally lives. Eventually I get up to get more coffee, here's what I found.

Again I say, What's a girl to do?

Is that the most hilarious thing you've ever seen? 
Don't you just want to squish her?

I finally quit laughing, didn't quit grinning YET, I checked my FaceBook. Found this.



Monday, December 21, 2009

OK. Thats it. I'm done.

I'm over being fat. Done. FINIS.


I've had my head going towards this day. But still kept eating. And eating. 
Then I looked for a snack.

My darlingfriend, Jayme at Tales from the Coop Keeper posted a wonderful blog about fighting the fat and winning. And she IS winning!! Go Girl. It pushed me closer but not until this morning's pants episode did I realize how much I must must must accept the challenge. 

I accept! I will succeed. I am worth it. 

I can't wait to look better. I can't wait to feel happier about myself, the inside part. I can't wait to wear the pants. I have two pair.The first pair is the "fat jeans". Then on to my brown cords. And my green jacket. I love my green jacket. I will kiss my green jacket on the arm when I have it on. I love it that much. 

I've fought this battle before. I've won before. I was most successful with Weight Watchers. I was even a WW Leader for pitysakes. I have the tools in my head and now I'm willing to tap into them and hug em around the neck. And this time I have my Daughterunit in the house to be my cheerleader and confidant and shoulder to cry on. She's good at it. Real good. And I can call my Darlingestsister. And CoopdePoop. And GrumpyUnk.  I'm so blessed, I'm surrounded.

I promise not to talk obsessively about this journey. I promise to hold myself accountable with my daily journal of what I put in the piehole. 

I promise to weigh in every Monday and be honest about how my week went. I promise not to whine too much.  

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ian Erich, 23 years today!!

This beautiful young man is MINE! My kid! My 3rd baby! My favorite 23 year old on this earth.
He works selling cell phones and plans to unsuspecting people. Ones who don't know they don't stand a chance at "just looking". He's a total salesman. He can make you fall in love with him no matter your current outlook or mood. He's THE funniest man I've ever met. And I really, really like to laugh so that's saying a bunch.
And a top notch dresser.
He does clean up well tho. Like at his best friend's wedding.

Or for a photo Op w/sister

Or with his brother. (He's cute too, aint?)

And he has hot hair styles.

And he has his serious moments....

                             And I love him more than breathing.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Queen's Royal Christmas Wish List. not to be confused with reality.

Here's us girls in our Christmas Jammies.
This year for Christmas I have a dream type wish list. No,that should be WISH LIST. All things on it should be in CAPS cause they are so special in my heart.

The Queen would like a CAMERA. A real CAMERA. A CAMERA with different lenses and night vision goggles and various doo-dads I don't know how to work. I can't paint. I have a Mama who's a phenomenal  artist so I know what's good and what I can do-ain't. I see so much beauty in my world that I want to save it and savor it forever, a CAMERA would do that!! I want to take pictures like Ree. The Pioneer Woman. If you don't go to her blog, shame on you. Here's a link. Just go there. Now. No, wait till I'm done ranting.

This is a remarkable sample of her work. And since we're looking at em, I want HORSES. Regal Request #2 is a HORSE or 2. GrumpyCrazy Uncle was saying this morning that alot of folks around us are giving away horses. GIVING away! They can't afford to feed/shelter/vet/farrier them properly. We can't either but this is a "wish" list after all. I've wanted a HORSE since I was 7. Living in town in Kansas City put the kabosh on the desire. I remember crying my heart out when my parents explained why a horse couldn't live in the garage.. So, I'd fake myself out and pretend my bike was my HORSE. sigh, poor delusional little girl.
#3 on the Wish List is more CHILDREN. Yup, 53 years old, no girlie parts left and she still wishes she had more kids. Like, oh, 6 or 7 of em. I stopped too soon. Above is a platefull that I love as much as my own, the only difference is these didn't give me stretch marks. Thankfully I have these two precious souls to care for and love on. 

#4 on the Royal Wish Not to be Confused With What Can Really Happen List is a WOOD BURNING STOVE. Installed. With Wish #5, TILE for the whole house, under it. Installed.With heat under it.
OH yeah! Just like that!

I hope I haven't given the impression that I'm not grateful for all I've been allowed to have in this life. I SO am! But, isn't this the season for wishing and dreaming and miracles?