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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Anniversary Yurt

Years ago dear GrumpyCrazy Uncle teased me mercilessly about building us a Yurt to live in. I went along with it. Yuk yuk yuk. Arent you just so funny...This past Thursday was our 31st anniversary. Unk never said he was planning anything so I took the initiative to set up our little day trip. I told him to be sure he had the day off, packed the car and drove south. He was all cool with just following directions. We did get truned around once but it wasn't our fault, the road sign was turned catywhampus. We figured out the way to go and came around a bend in the road and he hollars, "A F*&^ing YURT!??!? A F-ing YURT?!" The look on his face, one of amazement and slight disapproval, was totally worth the wait. I found this websight somehow and kept it for a few years. Tried to get us in last year for the big 3-0 but being a holiday weekend, was all full up. The couple that owns and runs the place were an excellent bonus surprise! They were a true oximoron. Conservaqtive Old Hippies! We fit right in! We have many matching life-views and enjoyed their company. YUMMY breakfast is included and is delivered to yur yurt. We chose to eat outside and enjoy the beautiful countryside. Southern Indiana. America's best kept secret!! Prices are comparable to the plastic generic motels but this is much much more restful. A romantic soaking tub is on the deck and you can bubble away an evening watching the fire under the full moon. sigh

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