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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Loooong Coupla Weeks...

Stress laiden too. My new kitty friend (see earlier post) died Friday morning. This is a pic of her on Thursday am. She was helping me surf the net. She showed up 2 weeks ago, after a short vanishing act, with a badly broken back leg. I took her to our most special vet in beautiful downtown Beanblossom, Indiana. He first set and splinted her leg but it got horribly infected due to an open wound. I took her back after a week, the leg had to come off. I brought her home and dropper fed her gruel and water and antibiotics but...she was very dehydrated and thin and just couldn't make it through all the trauma. She was such a sweet spirit. She let our little baby carry her by the neck without a complaint. While in the waiting room of the vet she kissed a HUGE pitbull who was curious about her. And even right after surgery she was purring. And on the drive home she pulled herself out of her box and rested her head on my leg. sigh. This was a tough one. Seems not fair since she worked so hard and with such a good attitude at living. R.I.P. Mama 2.0

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