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Friday, August 7, 2009

Beautiful whole wheat bread!! Recipe from mmpaints at Self Sustained Living. THANKS! I need to make some tonight as our baby ate half the loaf last night. My kinda girl. It was good cold but GREAT while still warm from the oven. And this time we made a big ole mess and ground some of our wheat for it. We didn't grow it ourselves but bought about 40 billion pounds from locals. Unk also ground some corn we bought the same way for co We need to order some more buckets and some mylar bags to store it properly. Fun learning new ways to eat right and save money and be less dependant on the world. I have to put up tomatos and corn sometime very, very soon. I had a house full of babies today and just ran out of time. I think I can skin and cut up and slow cook the tomatos tonight tho. sigh...I need more energy!! I wanna do it all but, sheesh, I'm just not full of zip like I'd love to be. I did get a few pints of pretty good Italian sauce canned. I haven't found a recipe that the flavor of the tomatos is mellow like other sauces. I don't want store bought flavor but good homemade sauce. Any body have a good recipe?? I've Google'd the snots out of it, no luck. It's just so zingy. Don't know how to describe it well. Poor Unk broke his fan$y lawn mower. Plus its stuck in the field. I'd better go make him some supper to keep him from slitting his wrists or at least from crying buckets into his beer.

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