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Sunday, August 16, 2009

OYYYY!! This is alot like work!!!

Crazy Uncle has outdone himself in the garden this year. He worked nonstop all spring and early summer prepping for our stock up project! And now it's MY turn. Don't get me wrong, he helps some too. But my feet are KILLING me! The estimated totals so far are: 30 pts corn (from friends corn) 10 qts corn 20 pts "just ok" tomato sauce 30 pts "kick butt THICK" tomato sauce 18 pts pears (ours!!!) 7 qts green beans 4 qts dried peas 10 pts blackberry jam 5 pts pear jam and some frozen blackberries I should spend today making more pear jam. But I think I've really messed up my feet and will take today off to do "brain work" while sitting. Did you know you can save all those peels and cores from apples/pears and make jam or jelly? I just learned that! How cool is that? I got almost as much jam from a batch of pears as I did actual fruit!! The chickens get enough leftovers from the other stuff we can. I've found the best way to make Tomato Sauce ever. Run whole, washed Roma's through a food processor. Then through the tomato press 2 or 3 times (takes out skins and seeds). Pour into large old fashioned electric roaster. Leave lid off and cook overnight on 150. The next day, Voila! Tomato sauce! I'm glad I bought the roaster cause I can use it for Turkey Day and have the oven free for other goodies. Also anxious to make stuffed cabbage in it!

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