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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And the beat goes on....

Here's a picture of just what we picked yesterday. Well, Crazy Uncle did most of the picking...but I was there too. I put up some lame salsa from some of those Romas. SOMEBODY send me a good recipe!! We love fresh but it loses so much when it gets cooked. Oy. I have much to do today but here I sit, writing about it instead. I have 0 daycare babies today and I'm really enjoying the little break. No babies the rest of the week, in fact! We are driving tomorrow up north to see my darling niece in a professional production of High School Musical 2. She's the second female lead!! How way cool is that anyway! She's living my dream. I suppose it would help if I had talent. But dreams are not about reality. Here's how helpful son dried the chair he was sanding and washed.

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