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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gotta Dance...

Ever had a day that is just so beautiful that you just HAVE to dance?? Not a dancer? Ok, sing? That's what today is here in lovely south central IN. Windy, 7 puffy clouds and the thermometer by the creek says it's 81. Poifect! I just got done doing a mama-shuffle in the back yard. We've been busy, busy, busy gearing up to start canning in earnest. I've put up a little tomato sauce and blackberry jam so far. The big stuff, tomatos by the dozen and green beans and corn, will be ready before ya know it. Crazy Uncle and Therapy Boy (oldest son unit) took time away from their chores to wash billions of jars for me! I do mean billions! I got the bulk of them from Freecycle. Hope you've discovered that service! Here's a link www.freecycle.org The boys washed the biggest gunk off outside as they'd been stored in the barn. Won't do that again! Then I ran them thru the dishwasher and scrubbed some stubborn gunk off. Now I put rings on them and have them stored in big tubs by size. Now I can just grab what I need and they're ready to go. And what doesn't get used this year will stay clean till next summer. Yay! And just in case you've forgotten, here's a gentle reminder!

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