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Monday, August 17, 2009

Big clean up/Organize/pitch it/ sell it/goodwill it weekend!!!

My dear oldest son is here on the farm helping me get my act together. He also helps grumpy Dad do heavy work. Son is looking for a job in Indianapolis but in this "downturn" it's not going so well. So, we help him with a little $$ and meals while he's here helping us. The Dad got going on a beautiful and bountiful garden this year and now I'm canning and cooking all the good stuff! Trouble was, where to store it all? Grumpy Dad wants to build a storage room in our garage but re:the downturn, who's got extra funds?? God has given me the BEST kitchen ever and I knew I could store alot more than I was if I'd just get it more organized. My sister was going to help me (she's the organizing Diva and I suck at it) but her life is so crammed full of kid stuff right now she just can't swing a trip down south for any length of time. So, I'm workin the kid! Kid worked in the garage, emptying the storage shelves out there while I rounded up everything I'd canned so far in my beautiful kitchen. I have a 13ft countertop island area and it was FULL!! What a blessing. Then I emptied a couple of cabinets that had my "pretties" I've collected over the years. I put most of them in a Goodwill box, some in a box for my friend who has an antique shop (bless her heart, she's selling them for me!) and pitched the dross. GOSH I had alot of junk. And there's more in my closet! I moved some shelves around to acommodate jars more efficiently and went to work putting them away. I learned this year to leave the rings on if you are going to move jars around much so they don't get bumped open. If it looks like I'm running short later on in the season I'll steal some back off of these. I have one cabinet for tomatos (probably won't be big enough soon), one cabinet for fruit and jam, one for corn, and one BIG one for green beans. I plan on sharing with sister and my kids. This feels GOOD! I've been up since 4:45a and am stewing pears for jam and have FINALLY mopped the horrible, sticky kitchen floor. My feet are sooo beat up at the end of the day I just haven't had the ooomph to keep up. I want to replace the flooring in kitchen and family and computer rooms but can't work up to $pending the moola. I also got my laundry caught up and sorta organized this weekend. I hit the motherloads of Garage Sales too! Son has big ole honkin feet (just like ma n pa) and I found a GS that had bunches of good brand shoes for him! What a blessing! I couldn't wait to show him! And I got a double stroller for my babysitting kidlets, two carseats, a few little toys and outfits, an electric knife for canning corn, a spare BUNN coffeemaker for $5 for when our current one goes to coffemaker heaven, a couple of clothing stuffs and a feather mattress pad! I'm still on the hunt for a pack n play or the likes for my new baby. And will eventually need another high chair. Maybe I can find one of those little ones that attach to the table and don't take up so much space. Today I need to run to town and get our plates renewd. If I get stopped before then I'll get a ticket. Have to hurry before Grumpy gets stopped then becomes SuperGrumpy. I don't need that noise. I think I'd just have to shoot him rather than listen. Also gotta finish the pear jam, babysit and work on the budget...eewwwww. Dear son plans to help me clean the carpet and paint some outside chairs and help his GrumpyDad. Gonna feed this kid GOOOD tonight!

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