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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesdays are for rambling.

It's cool and grey and yugly (yes, that's a real word) outside today. So, what to do?
For sure Kaia Stinkypantswhineyfacewaterhead Baby's coming over. But then...
Do I make cookies? Ok. Oatmeal for GrumpycrazyUncle? Pudding Choc.Chip for moi? Both?!

Should I go through my Christmas gift box and delegate what goes to who?

Should I clean my nasty bathroom?

Should I sew up some torn uniforms for Grumpy?

Sew up those sleep pants for Kaia's mommy I've been meaning to do since last MAY?

Should I just play on the computer all day? Ebay? Blogs? Here's my fav.

Maybe I could paint the wall in daughterunit's room to surprise her?

Should  put together my holiday recipe book as seen on 

Or should I finish that book I'm loving? The Long Walk Home. By Will North.

Or should I finish poor Hank's much needed hair cut?

Or should I put out the word about darling niece, Faith's, Christmas Extraveganza?


                 I love love love being the Queen of the Known Universe.
                           I get to pick the Royal Agenda.



  1. Well hey there girl! Fancy logging on here and seeing my name in lights....thankyaverymuch.

    Again...wonderful meeting you. :-)

  2. Verrry interesting, I'll be back!
    joy c. at grannymountain