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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ian Erich

These handsome men are our little boys. Ian Erich is the blonde and Clinton Joel is the handsome older
on the right (he'd lost his hair in a bet).
Ian and Joel share an apartment in Indy w/their sister, Rachel Brie. Poor Brie, she's the neat one and suffers now from nasty-brothers-who-can't-throw-garbage-out-or pick-up-or-wash-dishes syndrome.

Ian is coming home for a visit sometime today! I realize he's only an hour away but he leads a full and busy life so we don't see him as often as would be MOMoptimal. I have to book him far in advance. You see, he's one of the funniest men I've ever known. He just opens his mouth and great lines spill out. He's not working at it, or thinking ahead to try to crack me up. It just happens. He doesn't even really care if I laugh or not, HE knows it's funny.
 This is Ian's Rabbit Helmut(size 4T sweatapnts) His 4 y/o cousin gave it to him. He wore it w/pride.
When he was about 7 I gave him a can of Comet and sent him to scrub the bathtub. About an hour later I realized I hadn't seen him since. I went in to the bathroom. He had emptied half the can into the tub, was on all fours in there with rags in his hands and on his knees swishing from front of tub to back, grinning like a monkey. "Are you having fun?", I asked? "EVERYTHING'S fun", he sweetly replied. Duhhh.

This is the same kid who at age 2 was sitting on the front porch with his Dad and Dad's Army buddy. The water sprinkler was going. Dad would throw a can onto the lawn under the water spray and when the shower was pointed the opposite direction he'd say, "Ian, go get that for me". Off the boy would run to help his Pop. Of course, by the time he'd get to it the sprinkler had oscillated back to where the can and now Ian were. Face full of cold water-freak out-grab the can and run to Dad. The "grown ups" would laugh hillariously and repeat. I came out on the porch to check things out and put the Kabosh on the plan (after I watched a couple of times). GrumpyUnk then asked me "Why is it we thought 2 kids was enough??"

It wasn't.

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