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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Home Town Visit!

This weekend I drove "home" to visit my Darlingest Sister and her punks.  I took our boxer, Pete, with me to stay for his vacation. Pete and Ty (darlingestyoungest nephew punk) have this boy-n-his-dog thing going on.  Wither thou goest... 
The drive itself is only 3 hours and 15 minutes, usually. Ummm not so much this time. It took me almost 5 stinkin hours to get there. 2 awful wrecks had traffic tied up for a full hour for the first accident and about 45 for the second. Don't know if there were injuries but I sure hope not. Luckily, I am highway potty smart and was ok for the sitting time. It coulda been really ugly as there are no trees or bushes at these stretches of road. 

The secondary reason I went up this weekend was to get my hairs did. My dear friend's lovely daughter did MY lovely daughter's hairs recently and she looks beautiful so it was my turn.  She's cute, eh?

The sis and I were supposed to sit around and play cards and eat too much but we got sidetracked, happily, at a couple basketball games. I LOVE basketball. Especially played by little boys with pink cheeks and sweaty hair. 
I also LOVE sitting with other punks while watching the game and eating peanut M&M's.

These were all the brats except for Dale who was home resting up from the dreaded pig eppizoodies. He wanted to be healthy enough to play his own game the following day.

Ty had torn off a major chunk of flesh from his knee recently and the mean ole Mom cleaned it up for him and put on a new bandage. It was NOT fun, but made for a purty durn cute photo op.
This is what happens to my DarlingestSisters face if you tell her NO about something fun she thought we should do.
Luckily she snaps right out of it when we find a new friend!!! We met up with Jayme!!! Of Tales of the Coop Keeper fame!! If you haven't found her web home, you must.. Simply must. http://talefromthecoopkeeper.blogspot.com/

Jayme has this RocketDog fettish. Can't say as I blame her.  What apron fabric did you buy US, Jams???
I thought the pic needed a touch of skin, rated G of course.
This is Dale boy when he finally felt better and was able to play ball. I hope you can see his big ole grin. He does care about rebounds and shooting arc's and zones but FUN is the #1 goal of the whole day.

This is how we spent Sunday morning. Everybody there was still medium plus sick. Hope I dodged the bullet. If not, the trip was soooo worth the exposure.
Note how happy Pete looks with his girls. Also note DarlingestSisters groovy jammies and pose. LOL LOL
P.S. Happy Birthday Abby!!!


  1. Hey girl! Don't we look cute together! Sounds like you had a fab weekend.....glad your trip home wasn't as eventful as your trip up here....where the heck is Seymour Indiana??

  2. Howdy, Nice to meet you! I like to visit Jayme via blogging! Sounds like you had a great trip after the delays! We had a nice trip to Fredericksburg, Texas for Thanksgiving with family. (2 1/2 hr.drive).