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Monday, October 12, 2009


Why does the 30th chocolate chip cookie tast so bad when the first was soooo wonderful?

Why do dogs have to wander around for 30 minutes to find "just the right spot" to poo if it's raining?

Why do 2 year olds ask so many questions and then when they're 15 know ALL the answers to any question ever asked.

Why does it rain on John's day off?

Why don't my loaves of bread turn brown when all I forgot was the sugar?

Why do only 2 people STILL generate so much laundry?

Why do dogs choose the carpet and not the tile to puke on?

Why don't people use their turn signals?

Why do vacations go by so fast and work days drrraaaggggg?

Why do washing machines "eat" new socks and not the old holey ones?

Why do sermons last so long if you're reallllly hungry?

Why are there infomercials?

Why can't summer be 9 months and cold be three??

Why do WalMart shoppers think that wearing pj's that are 2 sizes too small to shop is sexy?

Why do friends have to live so far away??

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