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Friday, October 16, 2009

Hank the Cow Dog

Hank the Cow Dog is a marvelous little creature. He got his name from a really fun series of kid's books. Find 'em. Even if you don't have kids around they will make you laugh!! Here's his official site http://www.hankthecowdog.com/

When Hank came into our lives GrumpyCrazyUncle wasn't so keen on having a poodle. I think it was a "manly" issue and Grump encouraged me to name him something tough and macho. Spike just didn't cut it. Once you read one of the books, you'll see why HANK had to be this guy's name. Both Hank's are full of fun and attitude. Grump says he's more like Hank the Woosdog but that's just cause Grump's jealous.

I chose the poodle breed because of their intelligence, sweet temper and lack of major health issues. I'd just lost my best friend Boxer of 10 years, Magie, to cancer and didn't think I could do that again anytime soon. I struggled with grief over Magie's death but really wasn't thinking I'd get another dog for quite awhile. Afterall, we did have Pete (another wonderful boxer) and Egar (a goofy little terrier) for me to love on. After about 2 weeks, Grump said, "don't fight the funk, Queen. Just go find yourself another friend". Bless him.

The Daughterunit and I went to go see some puppies advertised in the paper. No fancy papers, no champion bloodlines and no big moola either. I don't care about all that stuff. I just wanted a friend. We drove waaay out into the boonies, always a good sign in my book, and finally found the place. The folks were very friendly and when they opened the house's back door all these little white fuzz balls literally came falling out onto the lawn. Remember that Pepsi commercial with the puppies jumping all over the little kid on the ground? The one that made you laugh no matter how many times you'd seen it? Yeah, it was just like that! There were 4 or 5 little ones and a couple grown dogs. We sat on the ground and loved on all of them. But one, a little boy with a peach colored spot on his back and peach ears, wouldn't leave me. I'd get up and run around with the others but he'd always be right on my heels till I sat down again, then phloomp, into my lap and stretched out like he'd been waiting for me to show up so he could take his nap. We stayed for about an hour and I never could shake him. We left puppy-less because I promised myself to take my time. Pick just the right one or wait till the next litter I saw in the paper, take my time. I took a whole 12 hours.

I went back the next day to see if the same little guy would attach himself to me again. There was zero doubt. The other pups ran around like puppies do but this spotty boy was superglue. Hank spent his first 2 days here in bed with me. I get monster migraines and had one that knocked me out. He didn't seem to mind. We just cuddled and slept. sigh. When I told the oldest Sonunit that I'd gotten a poodle he channeled his Dad's sentiment re:poodles. When he came over later that day and saw Hank sprawled out on my bed, he said, "Oh, I get it now".

Every single day I'm grateful my superglued, Siamese twin came to live on my farm. More Hank posts to follow cause he's too fun to ignore.

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  1. Couldn't get the video to play but that is the sweetest story ever. And, these photos melt my heart!!! Hank's special for sure. Yay Hank!!!!!!!!