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Monday, October 5, 2009

Nice nice weekend

This was  Oktoberfest weekend in our little town. This is a very large German community and tradition runs deep. There are about 40billion people, 30billion food booths, a sweet parade complete with horses and dancing children and 1 little old man on his 3 wheel bike with flags attached, the gratuitous lovely waving girls in convertibles and about 100 booths of lace-glued-on-wood "art". This year the weather held up, no rain, but it was cool and windy. LOTS of whining heard from teens. I'm betting it because they had to cover up their new clothes with jackets and that meant less to show off.

The main reason I love this weekend is because I usually get to see my kids. They try to come home to see old friends. This year I was only a 1 in 3 year. The boys had to work. The daughter unit came for a whole week though!! She seemed to have a good time at the fest. She had to buy hat/gloves and scarf cause she was freezing!

I took my Kaia to her first Oktoberfest! She seemed overwhelmed. I loaded her in the stroller and wrapped her in a blanket and away we went. She LOVED the parade. Waved only at the horses and was truly puzzled by the dancing little girls. She would look at them with a wrinkled brow then back at me and said, "What?". I shared her opinion. Her big thrill though was touching. Touching the pumpkins, the fire hydrants, the signs, the flags, Oh, and touching people's behinds walking if front of her. LOL. I figured I'd load her up on junk food and take her back to Mommy to run it off but she didn't like anything I bought her. Poor me, had to eat it all myself. Don't want to be wasteful, ya know.

Her Ninja is strong tho. We're standing in line to get a soft pretzel, I looked away and I heard a man say,"My! You're starting a life of crime kinda early!" I turned back around and she had apparently pulled his wallet out of his pocket by the attached chain! We had a good laugh then he picked up his food at the window, turned around and Kaia opened her mouth super wide waiting for him to shovel it in there!! He laughed and said, "She'll get my money one way or another, eh?" Taught her everything she knows.

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  1. Can I borrow Kaia? You know...being unemployed and all.....:-)