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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Queen's Royal Christmas Wish List. not to be confused with reality.

Here's us girls in our Christmas Jammies.
This year for Christmas I have a dream type wish list. No,that should be WISH LIST. All things on it should be in CAPS cause they are so special in my heart.

The Queen would like a CAMERA. A real CAMERA. A CAMERA with different lenses and night vision goggles and various doo-dads I don't know how to work. I can't paint. I have a Mama who's a phenomenal  artist so I know what's good and what I can do-ain't. I see so much beauty in my world that I want to save it and savor it forever, a CAMERA would do that!! I want to take pictures like Ree. The Pioneer Woman. If you don't go to her blog, shame on you. Here's a link. Just go there. Now. No, wait till I'm done ranting.

This is a remarkable sample of her work. And since we're looking at em, I want HORSES. Regal Request #2 is a HORSE or 2. GrumpyCrazy Uncle was saying this morning that alot of folks around us are giving away horses. GIVING away! They can't afford to feed/shelter/vet/farrier them properly. We can't either but this is a "wish" list after all. I've wanted a HORSE since I was 7. Living in town in Kansas City put the kabosh on the desire. I remember crying my heart out when my parents explained why a horse couldn't live in the garage.. So, I'd fake myself out and pretend my bike was my HORSE. sigh, poor delusional little girl.
#3 on the Wish List is more CHILDREN. Yup, 53 years old, no girlie parts left and she still wishes she had more kids. Like, oh, 6 or 7 of em. I stopped too soon. Above is a platefull that I love as much as my own, the only difference is these didn't give me stretch marks. Thankfully I have these two precious souls to care for and love on. 

#4 on the Royal Wish Not to be Confused With What Can Really Happen List is a WOOD BURNING STOVE. Installed. With Wish #5, TILE for the whole house, under it. Installed.With heat under it.
OH yeah! Just like that!

I hope I haven't given the impression that I'm not grateful for all I've been allowed to have in this life. I SO am! But, isn't this the season for wishing and dreaming and miracles?


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  1. Now I don't think that is too much of an unrealistic wish list at all!

    Sorry we didn't 're' connect today.....the more you get to know me, the more you'll realize what a flake I am. :-D