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Monday, December 21, 2009

OK. Thats it. I'm done.

I'm over being fat. Done. FINIS.


I've had my head going towards this day. But still kept eating. And eating. 
Then I looked for a snack.

My darlingfriend, Jayme at Tales from the Coop Keeper posted a wonderful blog about fighting the fat and winning. And she IS winning!! Go Girl. It pushed me closer but not until this morning's pants episode did I realize how much I must must must accept the challenge. 

I accept! I will succeed. I am worth it. 

I can't wait to look better. I can't wait to feel happier about myself, the inside part. I can't wait to wear the pants. I have two pair.The first pair is the "fat jeans". Then on to my brown cords. And my green jacket. I love my green jacket. I will kiss my green jacket on the arm when I have it on. I love it that much. 

I've fought this battle before. I've won before. I was most successful with Weight Watchers. I was even a WW Leader for pitysakes. I have the tools in my head and now I'm willing to tap into them and hug em around the neck. And this time I have my Daughterunit in the house to be my cheerleader and confidant and shoulder to cry on. She's good at it. Real good. And I can call my Darlingestsister. And CoopdePoop. And GrumpyUnk.  I'm so blessed, I'm surrounded.

I promise not to talk obsessively about this journey. I promise to hold myself accountable with my daily journal of what I put in the piehole. 

I promise to weigh in every Monday and be honest about how my week went. I promise not to whine too much.  

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  1. Yay! I got a buddy now!

    Better late than never...your son is ALMOST as cute as Aaron.