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Friday, December 18, 2009

Ian Erich, 23 years today!!

This beautiful young man is MINE! My kid! My 3rd baby! My favorite 23 year old on this earth.
He works selling cell phones and plans to unsuspecting people. Ones who don't know they don't stand a chance at "just looking". He's a total salesman. He can make you fall in love with him no matter your current outlook or mood. He's THE funniest man I've ever met. And I really, really like to laugh so that's saying a bunch.
And a top notch dresser.
He does clean up well tho. Like at his best friend's wedding.

Or for a photo Op w/sister

Or with his brother. (He's cute too, aint?)

And he has hot hair styles.

And he has his serious moments....

                             And I love him more than breathing.

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  1. Happy birthday Ian! I hope I actually get to meet you some day.