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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I gotta Peas!

HOLY LEGUMES, BATMAN! This is about 2/3 of our harvest so far. Part is in the freezer already. Another part in the dehydrator. And MORE drying out on the fence! Guess we'll have peas with supper tonight, eh? So glad for Crazy Uncle that his first big jump back into farmer mode is going so well! Already had too much spinich and lettuce. Multiple beautiful cabbage, the cabbage worms thought so too. And the tomatos will keep me busy for days and days and days.....when canning time starts! He's a happy camper! Cheap therapy. Super hot here again. Hmm, must be summer or sumthin'. Kinda feel bad for our Mama Kat tho. She's getting up there in age, app. 15 as she adopted us one day 14 years ago. Don't know how old she was when she arrived. CU isn't a big cat fan but she appeared in our driveway super skinny and VERY pregnant. She brought CU a mouse the next day so she made his top 10 list and has been with us ever since. She's kind of a dog-cat. She follows him wherever he goes on the farm and hangs out like his big ole boxer dog does. She's going downhill tho, healthwise. She has a tumor on the back of her neck and doesn't keep food down well and is very skinny again. Vet said not much he can do. So we feed her, love on her and enjoy her while we can. Funny thing happened 3 weeks ago. We were feeling bad 'bout Mama Kat and decided to find a kitten to help us with the mice and mole population. I went outside to smoke, yes, I'm one of "those" people. I heard a meow from under the car, bent over to peek and a lovely little orange striped cat peeked back at me. She came out for attention and of course she was PG. What? Is there a human-invisible sign out front that says, "suckers live here, all wayward PG cats will be fed"??? She thought so. I fed her and she stuck around. Couple days later CU was working on the gutters and he hollered for me to come quick! I had visions of him bouncing off the ladder and splayed on the front porch concrete. He's the nurse, I just apply bandages and kisses. But when I got there he's up on the ladder and new Mama Kat is on it too, next to his foot, watching the show. Now she follows us every where outside too! We make quite a parade to the garden, 2 peoples, 2 cats and 4 dogs. Just thought it was kinda cool that God cares about such mundane issues like sorrow about out Mama and sent us another! Yup, He's cool like that, just gotta pay attention.

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