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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ain't no Cure for the Summertime Blues

I've been thinking about blogging for quite awhile now and finally realized, duh, ya gotta write to actually blog. amazing. I won't pretend to be a pro author or even a good speller but if you want to join in our lives, come on in. CU (crazy uncle) and I share a 5 acre domain in beautiful south/central IN. I rule the castle, he holds court over the turfdom and fowl. CU excels at soilRX, motorcycle minutia, and useless trivia. The Queen rocks at cookery, canning, and canines and Clearwater. I'm interested in multiple diverse areas of living this life to it's fullest. The most important things I've learned throughout the journey is to enjoy each minute, don't sweat the small stuff (98% of all squabbles), do what you can to make each relationship the best you possibly can, and remember I'm not in charge of my life-just my attitude. Today is a good day to freeze CU's fresh peas from the garden. Love 'em. We're gonna dry the bulk of what's left and going to research re:freezing young peas still in pods for stir fry. Also an excellent day for pulling out good recipes for the blackberries soon to be ripe. We'll have a major boatload! CU found a yummy sounding recipe for apple/blackberry pie in the current Backwoods Home mag. I highly recommend this helpful and entertaining publication. Jackie Clay is a solid gold mine of food prep/storage ideas. I tried a new whole wheat bread yesterday from my King Arthur Flour Recipes book (also highly recommended reading). Smelled good but alas, still a short, heavy result. CU will gobble it up anyway via PB&J. There must be a secret trick I haven't discovered yet to making a whole wheat bread, w/o adding any refined white flour, to producing a tall, light and pretty loaf!! The search continues... I have my Beanie Boy here to babysit today. He's 4 months old and shares the castle with us M-F while Mama works. When he needs to be held and smooched I'll be reading book 2, The Hollow, in the Seven Signs trilogy by Nora Roberts. So I'll be away in New England somewhere if you call and I don't answer. Peace out.

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  1. My Mom sent me King Arthur catalog last week and I just tried the hamburger bun recipe. Not too bad. I want to try the rye bread one when it cools down a little(too hot in the kitchen right now). I love Backwoods Home too! I've got tons of wild blackberries coming on, I'll look for that recipe, thanks for the tip!