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Thursday, January 7, 2010

OH, The weather outside is frightful.

Here's how it looks outside my back door today.

Here's how that first picture makes me feel.

Here's how I WISH it looked out my back door.

Here's how THAT pic makes me feel.

So I'll just pout.


  1. Girl girl girl. Go cross country skiing. I swear it'll change your life and make you LURVE winter way more than summer, ok, well, not WAY more, but you'll love snow. You ought not be poutin'. Do you have to go anywhere today!? So....after you vacuum, you just look out the win der and think 'my heavens, ain't that lovely?'. Amen
    And don't eat anything unless you're a hungerin'.

  2. awwwwwwwwww....this too shall pass! (hug)

  3. Well well. Look at that droopy eyelid in second pic. Complaining again? NOPE. If it droops just a wee bit more my insurance company will pay to have it lifted up where it's supposed to be!! THEY do the paying for a mini face lift!! All encouraged now!!

    Oh, and funny note* the pout pic? I wasn't really pouting-I somehow got aholt of some shrimp, probl'y fries cooked in shrimp grease, and that's the outcome! I want Angelina's lips but really thought I'd get TWO of em.

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love Jayme too! She is great.

    Your "girls" story was hilarious by the way. Maybe you should share it!

  5. Mama Hen, Gotta ruminate on posting that story here....although, it's already "out" in cyberspace. Maybe later today. But you'll NEVER see my 10 saga here!